About Me

Trading cards were always a passion for us. My dad in his younger years collected a lot of baseball cards and we still have them safely kept somewhere. But once he started work and had us (meaning my brother and I), this hobby came to a standstill. I guess with us crawling all over the place and then with our curious natures, he got side tracked. But as we got older, we weren’t fascinated by baseball cards; we weren’t really collectors per se. But when the WWF became hugely popular – this is back in the early 1990’s – we would stay glued to the TV watching Hulk Hogan and Yokozuna do their thing.

Trust me, kids with the passion for collecting is like a force of nature. They will do anything to get ‘that’ particular card. We had a whole bunch of friends who were into the craze at the time and we would spend many an evening comparing stats and ranks and weight. Now I’m so much older, I think it was all stupid – but that’s the beauty of youth. Nothing was silly for us.


My brother took it a step further. We really couldn’t afford to buy trading cards and exchange them at school and we would long to own our own pack. But facts were facts and our parents didn’t deem it as life changing for us to own a pack of trading cards. This made my creative brother create his own. He painstakingly created and colored very realistic images of all the wrestlers from Brett Hitman Hart to the Undertaker and also noted down all the details in perfect trading card sizes and we played with them.

Everyone around us thought they were super cool which is great because we never missed out on anything. As we all got together for the Christmas season, we were cleaning out the attic and came across on all these cards and we had such a good day reminiscing about those days. We laughed about the different people we had met who we had played with and where they had gone in life. Surprisingly, we still remembered many details about our favorite wrestlers and ended up having a small competition.

They may not be worth anything on the market, but those cards that were lovingly drawn out hold more value to us. My brother decided to take them with him back to his place. That wasn’t the only surprise that Christmas. My dad had forgotten where he had ‘safely’ kept his collection of baseball cards and we had actually given up on ever locating them. Come Christmas morning after mass, we all opened our presents eagerly and my dad suddenly exclaimed. We all stopped what we were doing and wondered what happened.

With shining eyes, he showed us what was in his gift wrapping. My mother had searched and kept them a secret and gift wrapped them for my dad. You should’ve seen the look in their eyes. Christmas was very special that year. Even better was later when we googled the current value of those cards and it turned out that dad was sitting on a small fortune. Isn’t it lovely when things work out when you least expect it to?