Collector Cards – A Business or a Hobby

Ever since we were kids in the school yard we would get together at lunch to trade cards or even sneak and pass a few around during class. This is quite the common past time for many kids, including myself and this is probably the first introduction kids have in the world of speculation. You would place a certain value on your card – trade it for something valuable or for something else you wanted. In a way, these trading cards acted like money.

Our allowance money was spent on acquiring what became our prized possessions. The kid who had the most or possessed the “best” trading cards was the king around and enjoyed a certain prestige. It may not seem much now, but when you’re a kid in a playground and everyone looks at you in awe, it feels pretty good. But this introduction to the world of trading cards or collector cards makes sure that you understand the world of business to a certain degree – acquisition and trading – and these cards are more than just a gateway to the world of speculation and marketing.


Collectors cards have become more than just colorful printed cards – they are now worth more than the paper they were printed on. If they are in pristine mint condition they can command huge prices. For many people, it is more than just a hobby. What started out as fun and a past time has turned into a lucrative business for many people. Take the example of Jefferson R. Burdick. His collection is worth millions and although he created his collections from scratch, it was he who made a more organized streamlined classification of cards by manufacturer and type of illustration. In fact, he is known as the father of card collectors as he followed his passion of collecting cards from his childhood to his adulthood.

There is so much to the art of card collecting as there are a variety of cards that were printed over the years. Originally used in cigarette packs, these soon became the reason why a certain cigarette brand was bought. Kids convinced their fathers to try out different brands just to collect the cards and these soon became the craze. From collecting baseball cards to various WWF trump cards to Pokémon cards in recent years – there has always been an interest in collecting cards. Friends and even close family including myself were part of this craze.


Although it has been a preferred past time and hobby, recent years have seen collectors pay extravagant sums to own certain collector cards. This has given rise to collectors who search the country or even the world at times for various treasures that can be found in someone’s attic or garage sale. Many people don’t realize the true value of many of these cards and if they are not maintained in good condition, their prices could be affected. The people who do collect cards will know what to do and what to avoid and people who don’t know about their existence and value may just give them away to the nearest Salvation Army.

It can be both – a business and a hobby. This is supported by the sheer multitudes that are into the practice of collecting cards and also with the rising value in certain editions, it has piqued the interest of many a collector. There is good money to be made, if you know where to look and how to market it. Next time you search for a vintage collector card, be sure to look into your attic.

Trust me, kids with the passion for collecting is like a force of nature. They will do anything to get ‘that’ particular card. We had a whole bunch of friends who were into the craze at the time and we would spend

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